Why Palitadia?

Access to direct ownership of real estate assets and development projects, under a strong legal structure, supported by top professional service companies, and managed by a team with extensive experience to perform well through all economic cycles.

Key Benefits

  • Entree to unique, "off-market" real estate investment opportunities, such as development projects and bank owned properties.
  • Investors have the possibility of entry into a diversified portfolio of real estate investments managed by an experienced professional team for a reasonable minimum investment of $250,000.
  • Access to periodic liquidity regardless of time frame of projects.
  • A well-structured and transparent legal structure for all investment opportunities provides clear management oversight by investors.
  • Risk reduction and higher return through diversified assets classes and flexible investment strategies that adapt to market cycles providing liquidity.
  • High leverage access, with limited exposure to investors.
  • Higher net revenues through acquisitions below market value.
  • Management and operating costs are conservative due to segregation of costs amongst all company investors.
  • Solid track record with financial institutions that provide access to financing for even the most difficult investment opportunities.